Course curriculum

  • 2

    Basics of print, indentation , comments and special characters

  • 3

    Basics of variables and Data Types

    • Introduction to variables and print with variables

    • Data Types

    • working with multiple variable and strings in print

    • Input and Output Syntax

  • 4

    Complete String Operations

    • Basic operations on strings

    • case (Lower,Upper,tiltel etc...) conversion operations

    • Boolean result operations

    • join, center and zfill(zero fill)

    • strip,split operations

    • count,index and find opearations on strings

    • Practice: Display given string at left/right/center of a line in title format

  • 5

    Data Structures of Python

    • Introduction to Data Structures and Types of Data Structures

    • Lists

    • Tuples

    • Dictionaries

    • Sets

  • 6

    Operators of Python

    • Introduction to Operators of Python

    • Arithmetic and Assignment Operators

    • Comparison Operators

    • Identity and Membership operators

    • Logical Operators

  • 7

    Conditional statements

    • Introduction to conditional statements ; simple if condition

    • if ... else and if ... elif ... elif ... else condition

    • Practice with conditional statements

  • 8

    Working with Python Modules

    • Introduction to Python Modules

    • platform module

    • getpass module

  • 9

    sys module

    • Introduction to sys module

    • sys.argv | working with command line arguments with an example

  • 10

    OS Module

    • Introduction to OS Module and Basic operations

    • os.path module

    • os.system() function from os module

    • Practice script on platform and os module

    • os.walk(path)

    • Best Practice with os.walk for real-time

  • 11

    Loops - for and while loops with break,continue and pass

    • Practice: Read a path and check if given path is a file or a directory

    • Introduction to loops with an example

    • Loops | Working with for loop

    • Simple practice with for loop

    • Find all files in a directory with required extension .py/.sh/.log/.txt etc…

    • Complete range() function

    • for loop to work with strings, list, tuple and dictionaries

    • Introduction to while loop

    • Loop Control statements: break,continue and pass

  • 12

    datetime module to work with dates and times

    • Introduction to datetime module

    • Practice: Find the files which are older than x days from a given path

  • 13

    subprocess Module: To execute any Operatin System Commands with python

    • Introduction to subprocess module

    • Practice-1 with subprocess module

    • Practice-2: Platform independent script to find the java version

  • 14

    Working with text files

    • Working with text files: Reading and writing to text files

    • Copy the content of a source file into a destination file

  • 15

    Working with csv

    • Introduction to csv files and How to read a csv files using python ?

    • Read only header of a csv file and Finding the no of rows in a csv file

    • Creating csv file

  • 16

    Working with files like json

    • Working with json files

  • 17

    Exception Handling

    • Introduction to Exception Handling

    • Exception Handling for known Exceptions

    • try except else and finally usage

    • Raise user Defined Exceptions

  • 18


    • Introduction to Functions

    • How to define a Function and How to use defined Funtion , Types of Functions

    • Converting simple code into Functions

    • Calling a function from another function and Scope of the variables

    • Simple Functions with arguments

    • Functions with arguments and return value

    • Functions with default arguments

    • Functions with keyword-based arguments

    • Functions with Variable length arguments

    • Functions with variable keyword arguments

    • How to use Functions of one script into another script, what is __name__ ?

    • Simple exception handling to changing current working directory

  • 19

    Regular expression with re module

    • Introduction to regular expressions

    • Basic rules to create a pattern for regex

    • Rules to create a pattern Part-2

    • Rules to create a pattern Part-3

    • Regex with Flags

    • working with search and match operations from re module

    • working with findall and finditer operations

    • working with split , sub and subn operations of re module

    • compile operation (Execute all re operations on compile object)

  • 20

    Paramiko module to work with remote servers using python

    • Introduction to paramiko

    • Transfer file from local server to remote server and vice versa using paramiko

  • 21

    Shutil module

    • copy file(s) with shutil module

  • 22

    OOPS for Real Time

    • Introduction to oops

    • Class and object attributes

    • Constructor of a class

    • Simple Python Script without and with oops concepts

    • destructor of a class

    • Polymorphism and inheritance of python oops

    • Encapsulation